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ANAÍS AZUL & PETTING KAZOO Radical Queer Jazz-Folk Extravaganza

21.07.2019 (Sonntag) 18:00

Radical Queer Jazz-Folk Extravaganza

Peruvian first generation immigrant Anaís Azul (she/they) is a Boston and San Francisco (USA) based singer-songwriter, composer, and teaching artist. Azul writes music that is in conversation with jazz harmony, classical melodies, and Latin American singer-songwriter traditions. Their songs are bilingual (Spanish and English) and about mental health, queerness, facing harsh realities in the world we live in and finding inner peace in spite of chaos. Formerly of diaspora pop band Cathartic Conundrum, Azul currently tours and performs as a solo artist, with Petting Kazoo, and as an ensemble member of social justice choir Voices21c. Described as “stunningly honest and vulnerable,” her artistry engages with music as a tool for community building, cross-genre collaboration, and collective healing.
More info at: anaisazul.com

Birthed from the tundra of frozen classical traditions, Petting Kazoo is a radical, queer, bright-eyed & bushy tailed duo, originating from the compositional brains of SureFireCure (Nora Maynard) & Rafael Natan. Their music emerges from the cosmic influences of folk, classical, klezmer, R+B, storytelling, and the necessity to speak out on social justice issues. Expect tight vocal harmonies, calls for reparations, and an oboe.

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