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Wohnzimmer-Konzert mit Misfired & Frank Love - LAUT -

29.01.2016 (Freitag) 21:00


SoulPunk aus Vancouver (British Columbia) - Frank Love has been kicking it around the Vancouver local music scene since 2012 and is made up of three females, (two vocalists, one guitarist) and an all male rhythm section. Starting as more of a hardcore project to help them deal with the stresses of life Frank Love has just recently come into their own, honing their song writing skills to a tighter and more danceable sound they've dubbed Soul Punk.
Sometimes people mistake the band name for a man's name. Frank Love is not a person, but rather a pure and honest feeling of love. It's frank, it's candid.


"Just enough of a low-fi feel to match the throwback flavour of the music. I love the old-school riot grrl vibes that Frank Love brings to the plate."
- Carly Maile, Producer, BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.


"It's dirty and poppy with an overall 70's punk sound, but vocally there's a really cool 80's proto-goth thing happening that reaches inside my head and makes my spine tingle."
- Hugh Macdonald, FACTS.


"Listening to Frank Love makes me want to play in a band again."
- Mike Van Meter, LA




RiotGrrrrrlPunk aus Hamburg - Komplexes Songwriting, vertrackte Rhythmen. Punk mit Kopf und Wut im Bauch

2007 haben sich Elena, Katrin und Marta gefunden. Von vielen auf Riot Grrlz reduziert, sehen sie sich lieber als musizierende Menschen, die ihre Einflüsse zusammenschmeißen: Punk, HC, Flamenco, Blues, Psychobilly, Metal, Stoner Rock etc
Mit vertrackten Rhythmen, Punk im Kopf und Wut im Bauch fabrizieren sie Tip Top Friggelcore, Post Punk, 90er Hardcore was auch immer.

Am Ende ist es Musik. 

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